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Nearly two hundred students participate in Germ Buster campaign

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More than two hundred students from four primary schools participated in Day 1
of the infection prevention campaign dubbed ‘Germ Buster’ launched by the
Central Board of Health, in collaboration with UNICEF and the Ministry of
The campaign is focused on educating children and teachers on ways to prevent
infection such as how to efficiently wash hands with soap and water, how to
sanitize properly in cases where water may not be available, how to cover your
cough and sneeze, in the elbow or a tissue, how to dispose of tissue after usage, not
touching eyes, nose, ears and mouths and the importance of remaining up to date
on vaccinations.
Public Health Inspectors and Environmental Health Aids attached to the Central
Board of Health are carrying out the exercises at thirty schools across Antigua and
Barbuda over the next few weeks.
In addition, the children were also taught a hand-washing jingle.
Jennings Primary, S.R Olivia David Primary School in Bolans, Golden Grove
Primary, and Old Road Primary Schools were the first to benefit from the
The schools were also provided with posters which were created specifically with
this programme in mind with superheroes fighting Germs and being dubbed
Masks and Sanitizers were also donated to the schools.

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