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Met Office is getting additional staff

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The Government of Antigua and Barbuda is taking steps to strengthen its

Meteorology Services Department.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne announced a new initiative to enhance the

department’s ability to predict, monitor, and respond to hurricanes and other severe

weather events.

This announcement was made during the inaugural National Climate Outlook


Prime Minister Browne highlighted the urgent need for adaptation, stressing that

the Antigua and Barbuda Meteorology Services must lead the way in addressing

the increasing impacts of climate change.

In line with this commitment, the Cabinet has agreed in principle to create 12 new

positions within the Meteorology Services Department. These new hires will

include experts proficient in sophisticated weather models and algorithms.

Specific roles will encompass an oceanographer, an agrologist, additional

climatologists, a communication specialist, a project management team, and a

quality management team.

Prime Minister Browne also emphasized the importance of ambition within the

department, assuring that the Cabinet would provide the necessary funding to

support increased efforts.

Just last week, Director of Met Services, Dale Destin, said there was a need for

additional staff in the department to effectively handled the increasing demands

that are made on the department

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