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Management and security arrangements in place for Alfa Nero

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The government has put in place a number of measures to safeguard the multi-
million-dollar super yacht, Alfa Nero, which it seized on Tuesday, under the
provisions of the Antigua Port Authority Amendment Act of 2023.
Antigua Port Authority General Manager, Darwin Telemaque, has reported that
systems have been put in place to ensure the proper maintenance of the vessel, as
well as to ensure that there is 24-hour security.
Key to all these arrangements, is the situation with the remaining five crew
members and their future. Telemaque reported that negotiations have been
completed with the crew and they have decided to stay until the vessel is sold, as
has been the stated purpose of the government.
“They have stayed with the vessel, and we can also report that the Alfa Nero is
now flying the flag of Antigua and Barbuda, as those arrangements to have it
flagged have been completed. We are still working on insurance for the vessel.
Those negotiations are ongoing. At the same time, we have made arrangements
with the Antigua Yacht Club, on a maintenance schedule for the vessel,” said
Telemaque. The Antigua Yacht Club will also be responsible for the management
of the vessel on an interim basis.
It is clear from the visit aboard the vessel, during the seizure on Tuesday, that there
were obvious signs that the vessel is in need of major maintenance work. The Alfa
Nero has been in the Antigua and Barbuda waters for over a year, after it was
sanctioned by the international community and later abandoned by its owner,
believed to be a Russian Oligarch.
The crew reported to the government, that they did not have the funds to carry out
the needed maintenance, and that was one of the reasons that spurred the
government into action, to effectively take ownership of the vessel.
So far, a shipment of 2,500 gallons of fuel has been delivered to the vessel by the
West Indies Oil Company.
The next major step in the process will be the sale of the vessel to the highest
bidder or via a public auction. The proceeds from the sale will go towards settling
outstanding bills owed to local suppliers, the crew, and the management of the
Antigua Yacht Club with the remainder deposited into the national treasury.

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