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Legal dispute between PM and Queen Ivena still ongoing

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It’s been almost seven years since the controversial song “Nastiness” burst the
airwaves, prompting a major dispute between calypsonian Lena ‘Queen Ivena’
Phillip and Prime Minister Gaston Browne.
And while legal moves have been made with the PM drafting a defamation suit,
not much has happened since then in the matter.
The matter could proceed to trial or be settled outside of the courts but that
solely rests on the two parties.
In fact, Master Carlos Cameron Michel informed both Phillip and PM Browne
last week to come to some sort of resolution on how they will proceed.
If they cannot reach a consensus, then the case will go before the High Court
and a ruling will be made.
Prime Minister argues that Phillip’s 2017 calypso song, “Nastiness”, contained
defamatory remarks towards him using “innuendos”. He asserts that certain
portions of the song insinuated “criminal corruption” and “misconduct” in
public office on his part.
He seeks damages for libel or slander related to the song's publication and
Phillip has remained steadfast that she did nothing wrong and the song has no
true link to the PM.

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