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Jason Marsh (left) will become a Sports Ambassador for Antigua and Barbuda

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Race car driver appointed Sports Ambassador

Race car driver, Jason Marsh, will be appointed as a Sports Ambassador by the government of Antigua and Barbuda.

The announcement was made in this week’s Cabinet Notes.

It was agreed that Marsh, who is an inventor, successful race car driver and owner of Marsh-built Motors, is a past winner of the Drag Racing “Olympics” which is held in Maryland, USA.

His high profile and reputation in the field is considered a great asset that would bring welcome attention to Antigua and Barbuda.

“His victories have resulted in inquiries about Antigua, and the Cabinet determined that the Ministry of Tourism will work with Mr. Marsh to bring cars and drivers, and car-racing enthusiasts to Antigua in large numbers for special events.

“He is seeking a patent on a turbo booster that he has designed to make racing cars run even faster. The product is in demand and the designer is doing his very best to ensure that Antigua and Barbuda is recognised as a place from which inventions can come,” the notes mentioned.

Marsh is the third athlete in recent months who has been identified by the cabinet for ambassadorial duties.

In September, track and field star Rai Benjamin was named a Cultural and Sporting Ambassador.

A month earlier, NBA All Star, Kemba Walker, became an Ambassador-at-Large for the twin-island nation.

The appointments were made after both men returned home on brief trips.

Now that Marsh has become drag racing’s first Ambassador, plans are afoot to upgrade the sport locally.

Leaders of the drag racing association met with Cabinet this week.

It was agreed that more concrete barriers are required for the safety of everyone, and that more viewing stands will be needed in order to attract more visitors.

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