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Island Wide Outage: Thursday 10th February 2022

The Antigua Public Utilities Authority  (APUA) Electricity Business Unit would like to apologize to its customers for the  Island Wide Outage that occurred on Thursday 10th February, 2022.  

At approximately 9:53 pm a system outage occurred that resulted in the overall  electrical loss of all circuits on the Electricity Grid. Immediately, several technicians  were deployed to assess and identify the fault. The cause of the disruption was  discovered. It was the result of a technical fault within the 11,000 volts switchgear at  the Black Pine Power Plant.  

The affected area of the switchgear was isolated to allow the safe restoration of the  Electricity Grid. The system was successfully restored at approximately 11:46 pm.  

Engineers and technicians are still investigating the full extent of the technical failure  that resulted in a major outage and redundancies within the system will be utilized to  ensure normal electricity supply to our customers is maintained until the matter is fully  rectified. 

The APUA Electricity Business Unit deeply regrets any inconvenience that was caused  and appreciates your understanding.  

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