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Heart and Stroke Foundation says there’s more public awareness heart health

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The Heart and Stroke Foundation says it is pleased with the growing awareness
about heart health, the need for proper diets and how to recognize the symptoms of
This is the assessment of the President of the Foundation, Dr Georgette Meade
following the organisation’s symposium to mark its fifth anniversary last weekend.
The occasion was the 5th Annual Cardiac Symposium with reflections on societal
strides and a commitment to further advancements.
President and Consultant Cardiologist, Dr. Georgette Meade, expressed joy and
pride with the progress made over the past five years. “Looking back, we've
surpassed milestones. Yet, as we evaluate, there are areas where we excel as a
society and others where improvement is needed,” Dr. Meade noted.
The growing attendance each year signifies a positive trend, with participants
expressing satisfaction with the symposium's topics and the expertise of the
speakers. “This continued enthusiasm is a significant plus, and we aim to build
upon it,” Dr. Meade emphasized.
In a bid to continually engage the community, the Foundation actively seeks input
from participants, conducting surveys to identify topics of great interest. “We
strive to provide relevant and impactful information that resonates with our diverse
audience," Dr. Meade explained.
The initial goal of the symposium, as the President highlighted, was to raise
awareness about the important role of the heart in the body. “Reflecting on our
five-year journey, we've witnessed a positive shift in societal awareness. More
individuals are embracing healthier lifestyles, monitoring their diet, and becoming
proactive in understanding stroke symptoms,” Dr. Meade shared.
Progress is not only measured in numbers but in real-life changes. Dr. Meade
acknowledged the positive feedback received, even from the younger generation.
“Children are becoming more vocal about healthy choices, exemplified by my
daughter expressing a desire for strawberries and apples. The message is reaching
the next generation," Dr. Meade, as a mom, proudly stated.

Nonetheless, Dr. Meade expressed deep concern about the underestimation of
hypertension, its silent nature and potential to cause severe health issues.
“I am gravely concerned. I think more people need to be mindful of hypertension.
It does not cause symptoms, and so a lot of us take it lightly. And it is the number
one cause for a hemorrhagic stroke, which is a bleeding type of stroke. Your heart
may become enlarged. Your kidneys may fail. And so, by simply checking your
blood pressure and monitoring your blood pressure, your life could be saved.”
As the Heart and Stroke Foundation continues its mission to promote heart health,
the 5th Annual Cardiac Symposium stands as a testament to the progress made and
the ongoing commitment to empowering individuals with useful information for a
heart-healthy lifestyle.
The Foundation has expressed its appreciation to the sponsors A.S. Bryden &
Sons, Novartis, Sagicor Life Inc., Antigua and Barbuda Medical Council, Medical
Benefits Scheme, Servier, OmniCare Pharmacy, Falmouth Harbour Marina, Cool
& Smooth and the West Indies Oil Company.

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