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Government welcomes the return of visa-free travel to Canada

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Foreign Minister, E. Paul Chet Greene, has welcomed the news that many
hundreds of Antigua and Barbuda nationals can more easily travel to Canada, with
immediate effect.
The minister said that his government “was very pleased by the announcement of
Canada’s minister of immigration, refugees, and citizenship of Canada, who named
Antigua and Barbuda among thirteen (13) countries whose nationals can travel to
Canada on its electronic travel authorization (eTA) program.”
Under the eTA program, nationals of Antigua and Barbuda who have either been
issued a Canadian visa in the last 10 years or who currently are in possession of a
valid United States, non-immigrant visa, can now apply for an eTA instead of a
visa when traveling to Canada by air.
Applying for an eTA is done on the Internet, requiring no travel expenses.
Minister Greene said that this decision by Canada is one for which the Antigua and
Barbuda government has been working “assiduously,” given the burden that had
been placed by the requirement to travel to Barbados or Trinidad, to secure a visa.
“We are very glad that our efforts have borne fruit and that this burden has been
lifted for many hundreds of Antiguans and Barbudans,” the minister said.
Introducing visa-free air travel will make it faster, easier, and more affordable for
Antigua and Barbuda nationals to visit Canada for up to six months, for either
business or leisure.
Applications for an eTA have to be made at the following Internet website:

Minister Greene pointed out that while persons who have not traveled to Canada in
the last 10 years or who do not have a US visa, will still have to apply for a
Canadian visa, the majority of the Antigua and Barbuda traveling public qualify for
the eTA.

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