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Government provides scholarships for 15 Nurses to pursue MA programmes

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Fifteen (15) District Nurse Midwives are to pursue Master’s Degree in Public
Health at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Five Islands Campus on full
scholarships awarded by the Antigua and Barbuda government.
A Ministry of Health statement said this decision follows a meeting between the
nurses and the Minister of Health, Sir Molwyn Joseph where the group expressed a
desire to advance their education in this field.
“Historically, these District Nurse Midwives would have had to travel to Jamaica
to attend UWI, necessitating long periods away from their families and potentially
leaving local healthcare facilities understaffed. The new arrangement allows them
to study locally in Antigua and Barbuda, ensuring that they remain available to
support the primary healthcare system while maintaining a presence at home with
their families,” the statement noted.
The Nurses approved by the Cabinet are: Roselia Carriere-Joseph, Cathyanne
Robinson, Elaine Davis, Michelle Nathaniel-Lyons, Joyann Feidtkou, Miasha
John-Carr, Nadia Josiah-Matthew, Chelle Thomas-Humphrey, Carolyn Daley,
Nollareen Andrew-Richards, Alden Robins, Tanasha Roberts, Juliette Gloade,
Rexcella Ramsey and April King-Francis.
The cost of the public health course, initially valued at USD$12,000, has been
reduced to USD$7,500 under a discounted pricing arrangement. This course would
normally cost USD$30,000 in Jamaica which is not inclusive of travel,
accommodation, books and other learning material.
According to the statement the nurses have expressed their gratitude to the Health
Minister, Sir Molwyn Joseph for advocating on their behalf and to the Cabinet for
granting the approval. The Minister stated, "This initiative underscores our
commitment to advancing healthcare in Antigua and Barbuda by investing in the
education and professional growth of our nurses. By enabling them to study

locally, we not only support their personal and professional development but also
ensure that our healthcare system remains robust and well-staffed."
The Minister further elaborated on the broader impact of this initiative, saying,
"Our healthcare system is the backbone of our community, and the ongoing
education and training of our nurses are vital to its strength and resilience. This
program will help us retain our talented healthcare professionals and reduce the
strain on our health services, all while providing our nurses with the opportunity to
advance their careers without the inconvenience of being away from their
Upon completion of their degrees, the Nurses will be qualified to be Public Health
Nurses, filling the vacancy of seventeen (17) Public Health Nurses which have
been vacant for a number of years. This advancement will not only enhance their
skills and qualifications but also enhance the quality of public health services
available to the community. The Minister emphasized, "With more Public Health
Nurses in our system, we can better address the public health challenges facing our
nation, from disease prevention and health promotion to emergency preparedness
and response."
Additionally, a Community Health Aide, Stacey Jeffers has been awarded a full
scholarship to pursue a Nursing Degree at the University, further supporting the
development of the healthcare workforce in Antigua and Barbuda. The inclusion of
the Community Health Aide in this program highlights the Government's
dedication to fostering a comprehensive and inclusive approach to healthcare
education and professional development.
The Government's decision to invest in these scholarships reflects a strategic
commitment to strengthening the nation's healthcare infrastructure by ensuring that
healthcare workers are well-trained, highly qualified, and able to meet the evolving
needs of the community. This initiative is a significant step forward in building a
resilient and responsive healthcare system for the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

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