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FAO fulfills promise to farmers

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The Antigua and Barbuda office of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization
(FAO) has announced the fulfillment of a commitment to assist local farmers
address the country’s chronic water shortage problem.
National Project Coordinator, Mali Barnes, announced that the FAO successfully
provided twelve (12) 1000-gallon tanks to farmers in Antigua and Barbuda through
the Water-Energy-Food Nexus project. He said these water storage solutions, offer
crucial relief to farmers facing water scarcity challenges, assisting them in
improving agricultural production and ensuring food security despite climate
change impacts.
“Antigua and Barbuda, like many countries, has been grappling with water
availability issues, which significantly affect agricultural productivity. The
provision of 12 tanks addresses this pressing concern, empowering farmers to
effectively manage water resources and overcome the limitations imposed by
limited water availability.
“The Water-Energy-Food Nexus project focuses on assisting farmers in Antigua
and Barbuda in attaining sustainable water access through various interventions.
These 1000-gallon tanks provide an immediate solution to the water storage needs
of 12 farmers, with 7 located in Antigua and 5 in Barbuda. By storing water in
these tanks, farmers can optimize irrigation practices and ensure a consistent water
supply for their crops, mitigating the impact of climate change on agricultural
yields,” Barnes explained.
He added that the FAO acknowledges the importance of these water storage
solutions, in enhancing the resilience of farmers and improving food security.
Through the generous funding provided by the Mexican Government, through its
Cooperation Agency, AMEXCID, this initiative has been made possible. This
partnership highlights the shared commitment to sustainable agriculture and the
collective efforts in addressing water scarcity challenges.
Commenting on the significance of this contribution, Barnes said, The provision
of these 1000-gallon tanks is a critical step towards supporting our farmers in
Antigua and Barbuda. By empowering them with improved water storage capacity,

we are enabling them to optimize their irrigation practices and enhance their
agricultural output, ultimately contributing to the nation's food security goals.

The FAO, he continued, remains committed to promoting sustainable agricultural
practices and supporting farmers in mitigating the challenges posed by climate
change by fostering resilience, resource efficiency, and food security in Antigua
and Barbuda.

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