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Eight Healthcare Heroes certified as Skilled Recompression Chamber Operators

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Eight technicians attached to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center have successfully

completed a recompression chamber operation team training.

The rigorous training, sponsored by the Calvin Ayre Foundation, was designed to

enhance their abilities in managing recompression chambers and encompassed

comprehensive theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical applications.

The Ministry of Health reports that the healthcare workers exhibited unparalleled

dedication and expertise in mastering the intricate skills required for the efficient

operation of recompression chambers, essential in treating various diving-related

injuries and conditions.

According to the ministry, the healthcare workers, including three doctors and a

nurse from SLBMC, as well as a paramedic and three Advanced Emergency

Medical Technicians from the Antigua Barbuda Emergency Medical Services,

demonstrated unwavering commitment, ensuring that they are equipped with the

necessary proficiency to handle critical situations and provide optimal care to

patients requiring hyperbaric treatment.

The training which lasted 5 days; three virtual and two in-person, was carried out

by Divers Alert Network with funding provided by Calvin Ayre Foundation.

The healthcare workers stand ready to serve with unmatched proficiency and

dedication, ensuring the provision of exceptional care to patients in need.

The Ministry of Health extends heartfelt appreciation to the Calvin Ayre

Foundation for their generous donation of a state-of-the-art hyperbaric chamber to

the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center 2018 and also for facilitating training over the



As a result of this collaboration, Sir Lester Bird Medical Center is now better

prepared than ever to handle complex medical cases, ensuring that the people of

Antigua receive world-class healthcare services.

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