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Dramatic presentations examine social issues

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At least two of the dramatic presentations staged on Wednesday’s opening of the
drama section of the National Secondary Schools Theatre Festival examined social
issues being confronted by today’s youth.
In an improvisational piece performed by the students of the Irene B Williams
Secondary School, the piece looked at the issue of suicide, while in the night’s first
performance, the drama students of the Princess Margaret School examined the
issue of skin-bleaching and other popular surgically engineered changes to the
The play – Skin Deep – told the story of a young woman who resorted to these
measures in the hope of finding happiness. In the end, however, she learned that
happiness comes from within and cannot be achieved through alterations to the
natural look or shape of the body.
In For Better or Worse the Irene B Williams students looked at how despair and
loss of hope can drive an individual to commit suicide. It also looked at how such
an act affects the victim’s family and loved ones.
The second night of drama takes place at the Dean William Lake Cultural Centre
this evening with two more schools performing dramatic pieces.
The Cultural Division, which organizes the event, will stage a prize-giving
ceremony over the weekend, where the outstanding performers, writers, and
directors will be honoured.

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