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Customs issues details of the dollar barrel initiative

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The Customs Division has issued guidelines on the operation of the annual Christmas Barrel initiative which is already in effect.

A statement issued by the ASYCUDA Customs Division team confirmed that the initiative, which began on 2nd November, will run until 6th January, 2023.

“Under this initiative, each household will be allowed to import the following in a standard size shipping barrel or an E-container for personal use (a) Clothing (not more than seven pieces of the same type). (b) Foodstuff and (c) toiletries,” the statement said.

According to the Customs team each barrel will attract a 10 percent Revenue Recovery Charge (RRC) and a processing and handling fee of $10.00.

This initiative is one that is popular with the general public as many families are able to purchase items abroad and to take advantage of reduced taxes

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