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Cruise figures for the summer months look promising

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The cruise tourism sector in Antigua and Barbuda continues to show signs of
expansion and growth.
After recording a robust winter tourist season, where the number of calls and the
number of visitors aboard the cruise vessels have increased significantly, the
country now sits poised to experience a better summer cruise season than it has had
since 2019.
The bookings for the next five months will see a total of forty two calls. More than
half of these calls are slated for April, the closing month of the winter cruise
The Antigua Cruise Port Ltd. has released the bookings of calls for April, May,
June, July, and August. For April there will be twenty-three cruise ship calls, for
May nine, June has three, July four and August has three calls listed.
General Manager of ACP Dona Regis-Prosper noted that the numbers this year are
already better than they were for last year. She said her team will be putting in
more effort to build the summer season, as a way of extending the season, noting
that many people including the taxi operators and vendors, rely on the presence of
cruise ships in the harbour, to ply their trade.
“The cruise sector is very important for the entire country, but for the taxis and the
vendors, it is a significant portion of their annual income,” she noted.

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