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Calvin Ayre Foundation Funds Medical Air Ambulance Flights for 7-Year-Old Burn Victim and Cancer Patient

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The Calvin Ayre Foundation (CAF) continues to study philanthropy by coming to
the assistance of families in need especially in times of medical emergencies.
The latest beneficiaries are two people; one a cancer patient who traveled to
Suriname for treatment and the other a 7-year-old burn victim. The two families
are extending heartfelt gratitude that their loved ones were able to be medically
airlifted, through the financial assistance of the Calvin Ayre Foundation.
In separate flights over the weekend, 7-year-old burn victim, T’rique Jeffrey and
Cancer patient, Deborah Carr’s paths almost crossed. While Carr was returning
home to her family after receiving treatment in Suriname, T’rique was being
hurried off to a specialized burn care center in the Dominican Republic.
Media Relations Specialist for CAF, Jamilla Kirwan, said she received a call from
a tearful mother and father of the 7-year-old boy late last week, requesting
assistance for the US$20,200 air ambulance flight. At the time, T’rique was in a
medically induced coma in the ICU at Sir Lester Bird Medical Center (SLBMC),
after sustaining burns to 52% of his body. A medical report provided by the family
indicated that T’rique had extensive burns to his left arm, chest/abdomen, back,
both limbs and the chin/face from the unfortunate accident at home on the evening
of May 16 th .
Given the extent of his burns, the decision was made by doctors at SLBMC, to
seek a transfer to an overseas specialized Burn Care Center that was better
equipped to adequately manage the child’s case.
Kirwan reports that since Royston and Latoya Jarvis, T’rique’s parents
accompanied their son to the Dominican Republic, Royston has updated her via
WhatsApp, that the 7-year-old has had two surgeries, which were deemed
“I will always be thankful and grateful to you guys,” Kirwan said the emotional
father responded in a voice note.
Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Deborah Carr’s family said they are happy to have
their loved one back home and in their care.

In the request letter to the Foundation, the spokesperson indicated that Carr had
initially traveled to Suriname for treatment but, due to her extremely weakened
state she would have needed to return home via air ambulance, accompanied by
medical support.
The air ambulance cost the Foundation US$62,000, a figure the family
spokesperson said they would never have been able to afford.
Kirwan sends her best wishes to both families on behalf of the Cavin Ayre
Foundation and Ambassador Calvin Ayre and pledged CAF’s continued support to
the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

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