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Caleb Gardnier to become youngest government senator

At 22-years old, Caleb Gardiner will become the youngest senator in the Upper House of
Parliament when he is appointed to the position.
When Gardiner takes his seat in the senate chamber, he will also hold the record for being the
youngest serving Senator in such a position within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).
Moves by Barbadian Prime Minister Mia Mottley to appoint 18-year-old Khaleel Kothdiwala to
the upper house in Barbados failed earlier this year, when independent senators rejected an
amendment to reduce the minimum age required to serve as a member of parliament and
senator from 22 to 18 years.
Just one week after hinting that a young Antiguan and Barbudan will be appointed as a
government senator, Prime Minister Gaston Browne on Saturday revealed his pick to replace
Eustace ‘Teco’ Lake.
Gardiner’s appointment will be effected in December, Prime Minister Gaston Browne explained
on his radio programme.
“We’ll be appointing next week a young man, Mr. Caleb Gardiner, 22 years of age to the senate
effective December 1 st . So, they [United Progressive Party] speak to the issue of youth
leadership, we have demonstrated that we’re committed to the youth.
Mr. Browne said including the youth in key positions is not new for his administration, referring
to Senators Shenella Govia and Knacyntar Nedd-Charles and Shanique Fortune who secured
appointments in the senate of Antigua and Barbuda all in their 20s.
The prime minister stated the ABLP has been proactive rather that reactive in creating an
environment in which the contributions of young people are valued.
“When they [UPP] were in government for ten years they didn’t appoint a single youth. Even in
the case of the honorable Maria Browne, she became elected at age 26, one of the youngest in
the region in the lower house. So, we are committed to youth leadership,” he affirmed.
Caleb Gardiner is a graduate of the University of the West Indies Five Islands Campus, where he
earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management.
He attended Antigua Grammar School and Antigua State College.
He is a member of service organization Junior Chamber International and served in the Youth
Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda.
Last week at the Public Advocacy Series hosted by The University of the West Indies Five
Islands Campus, the Prime Minister Browne said his administration is giving priority to
succession planning as veteran politicians within the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party prepare
to take leave to make way for new faces and talents.

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