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Antiguans to be allowed to purchase land in Barbuda

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The Antigua and Barbuda government has announced its intention to allow people,

born in Antigua, or any citizen of the country to be able to purchase land in


The commitment was made clear by Prime Minister Gaston Browne who stated in

the wrap-up of the National Debate in the House of Representatives that Antigua

and Barbuda is a unitary state and that any citizen should be allowed to purchase

land anywhere in the country.

During the current session of parliament, PM Browne said he is determined to see

this happen and also advised that the government will be tabling legislation to give

effect to the policy.

He dismissed the assertion, still entertained by the representative of Barbuda and

many Barbudans, that land on the sister isle is owned by the people in common.

“You were tenants in common on crown land and the Privy Council has ruled that

your assertion is wrong and has been wrong for a long time. All the land of

Antigua and Barbuda are vested in the crown, according to the Privy Council,” the

prime minister declared.

The Barbuda Council fought the government on the matter and has lost their case

in every step of the court system in the country, including the final court of appeal,

the Privy Council in London.

Attorney General, Steadroy Benjamin, was highly critical of the Barbuda

representatives, for stating that he would abide by whatever decision the Privy

Council rendered, but even after the Council lost, both he and his acolytes have

refused to accept the ruling.

The Prime Minister and the Attorney General, in their separate presentations

berated the Barbuda representatives for continuing to peddle untruths to the

Barbuda people and for creating, in their minds, the notion that there is an

alternative to the Privy Council’s ruling.

During the cross talk in the debate, the representative could be heard issuing what

some may interpret as an intention to create mischief should the government

proceed in making it possible for Antiguans and other nationals to purchase land in



It was also noted that the Barbuda representative owns property in Antigua, along

with other members of the Council. “If you can own land in Antigua, why can’t

any Antiguan own land over there? I am asking the members of the other side if

they agree to this idea?” the prime minister queried.

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