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Antigua and Barbuda updates G-77 countries on the case before the ITLOS

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Antigua and Barbuda is among Group of 77and China (G-77) countries that are
attending a meeting of this group that is taking place in Havana, Cuba, from
September 15 to 16.
Foreign Minister, Honourable E.P Chet Greene, is representing Honourable
Gaston Browne, Prime Minister at the meeting. Greene used the opportunity to
provide the rationale for the move by Antigua and Barbuda and Vanuatu to ask the
International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) to render an opinion on the
issue of culpability for contributing to the causes of climate change.
“Excellences the Caribbean is highly susceptible to the impacts of climate change,
including rising sea levels, more frequent and severe hurricanes, and droughts.
These events can cause significant damage to infrastructure, disrupt agriculture,
and displace communities,” the Foreign Minister explained in brief remarks to the
He noted that for decades, Small Island States have been emphasizing these truths
in international gatherings concerning climate change, including at successive
Conferences of the Parties to the UNFCCC with very limited or adequate
“This historic proceeding before ITLOS is the first inter-State case addressing the
international legal obligations of States about climate change. The request to
ITLOS is complementary to and in support of the initiative of Vanuatu, to have the
UN General Assembly request an Advisory Opinion on climate change from the
International Court of Justice (ICJ),” he further explained.
Greene expressed the view that as vulnerable states already suffering from the
impact of climate change, the need for their voices to be heard is greater now more
than ever. “Therefore, our engagement within the global community requires
effective coordination along with strong and committed support from partner
countries. It is for this reason that I take this opportunity to express Antigua and
Barbuda sincere appreciation for the commitment made by a number of countries
here at this gathering to provide support to my government as we prepare to host

the Fourth International Small Island and Low-Lying Coastal Development
States(SIDS) Conference in 2024,” he added.
Foreign Minister Greene is accompanied by Anthony Liverpool, Permanent
Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and His Excellency George Goodwin,
Ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda to the Republic of Cuba,.

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