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Antigua and Barbuda celebrates International Day of Yoga- 2023

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Scores of people participated in the celebration of International Yoga Day at the

Coolidge Cricket Grounds in Antigua, on Saturday 17 June 2023.

Parliamentary Secretary for Education, Senator Shenella Govia was the chief guest

at the event and delivered remarks on behalf of the senior minister, Minister of

Education, Daryll Matthew. Senate President Alincia Williams-Grant was also in

attendance, as an active participant.

Senator Govia expressed an appreciation for the positive and healing effects of

Yoga and the continued efforts of the High Commission of India to hold regular

events to promote and propagate Yoga. She underlined the interest in the spread of

Yoga at the highest level in Antigua and Barbuda and how it was being introduced

and practiced at the school level.

First Secretary Mukesh Kaushik from the High Commission of India in Guyana

participated in the event, on behalf of the High Commissioner Dr KJ Srinivasa.

The First Secretary thanked the Government of Antigua and Barbuda for the

introduction of Yoga in the school curriculum, as the High Commission strongly

wanted the inclusion of youth in the Yoga programme so that they can benefit from

this traditional Indian science of well-being from an early stage.

Following the formalities was the performing of Asanas based on Common Yoga

Protocol by all the invitees present at the event, under the guidance of the lead

yoga instructor Charlotte Drew and other Yoga instructors, and a presentation

ceremony by the Honorary Consul of India to Antigua and Barbuda, Vijay Tewani.

The event was also attended by Ambassadors of Cuba, Venezuela, and the

Dominican Republic, the Chief Protocol Officer, Karen Cabrall, a 30-member-

strong contingent of the Defence Force, and members of the Indian Diaspora

among others.

This year’s IDY event attracted around 200 enthusiastic Yoga participants.

Yoga, an intrinsic part of Indian tradition and culture for holistic living, has

transcended the barrier of race, religion, and culture to become a global health

movement. Yoga is essentially a mental and physical discipline based on an


extremely subtle science that focuses on bringing harmony between mind and


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