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Additional security, counsellors for Ottos Comprehensive School

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The Ottos Comprehensive School whose students largely remain traumatized
following last week’s shooting incident, is getting help to deal with the several
issues that have resulted from the traumatic event.
Director of Education, Clare Browne, is reporting that effective today (Tuesday)
additional security personnel will be assigned to the school. In addition, the
ministry of education is pulling its counsellors from the other schools to go to OCS
for special counseling sessions with both staff and students.
“Many students remain traumatized from the incident that occurred at the YMCA
complex on Wednesday afternoon when shots were discharged from a firearm in
close proximity to where the students had congregated. Since then, there have been
interventions from both the ministries of social transformation and education in an
attempt to help the students and faculty through these difficult times,” he
Browne said events over the days following the shooting have prevented the
ministry from fully mobilizing its full team to visit the school. Last Thursday, was
the second day of the sports that was canceled due to the shooting incident. Less
than 100 students and most of the staff did not attend school on that day. Friday
was mid-term holidays. Monday, was report card day with many parents visiting
the school to collect their children’s report cards.
The Director of Education visited the school on Monday where he addressed both
students and faculty. He reported that there is a strong sense of unease among the
students and the faculty and the ministry is aware that this environment hampers
“We are anxious to have normality return to the school as we recognize that both
teachers and students must feel safe and comfortable in order for learning to take
place. We at the ministry are doing our level best to ensure that this sense of
security returns to OCS,” he stated.
During his interactions with the students and teachers at the school, Director
Browne said he recognized that there was a need for phyco-social counselling and
that he is mobilizing the ministry’s resources to ensure that this happens.

The director was accompanied by the Education Officer responsible for secondary
school, Denise Mills on the visit to OCS on Monday.

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