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ZDK’s Management to Apologize to Opposition Senator

Wednesday 6th March, 2019-The management of ZDK Radio has written to the attorney representing Opposition Senator Richard Lewis indicating they will publicly apologize for remarks made by one of the station’s callers.

In a letter dated 15th February, 2019, Attorney Charlesworth Tabor wrote to ZDK’s management demanding a public apology on behalf of his client for what he described as false, damaging and defamatory allegations made on 12th February, 2019, during the Breakfast Show by James ‘Tanny’ Rose.

Allegations are Rose may have defamed the Senate Minority Leader as it relates to payments he received from the Board of Education as a result of his text book being used in schools.

In the letter to Tabor, ZDK’s Managing Director, Sean Bird penned that “Having ascertained the facts, we now recognize that Radio ZDK innocently facilitated the publication of Mr. James ‘Tanny’ Rose’s allegations against Senator Richard Lewis on the 12th February, 2019.” The statements Bird noted have no foundation, detailing that the publication is highly regretted.


The station said it regrets any distress or embarrassment caused to Senator Richard Lewis and has agreed to retract the statement and issue an apology. Lewis’ lawyer was informed that the apology will be issued by the host of the Breakfast Show at the same time it was published.

The station’s managing director has indicated they will be seeking the services of an attorney to help “tighten broadcast policies as it regards independent producers and/or hosts that are engaged by the company.

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