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ZDK Employees Reject Reason Given for Layoffs

Monday 1st July, 2019-Several employees of Grenville Radio Ltd. operators of ZDK and Sun F.M are seeking union representation after they were laid off unexpectedly.

Reports are ZDK’s managing director has dismissed 5 of the 8 staff members who engaged in industrial action two weeks ago. One staff member was put on suspension/Lay off for three months pending the decision of the board. The reason given to the staff was the financial crisis that is affecting the company.

But employees are not buying the station manager’s claims. They believe it is a direct response to their industrial action last month, where they protested the late payment of salaries and the unsuitable working conditions they’ve been made to work in.

The news came after months of new programming, carried out free of cost by some of the very workers, was implemented at the station. According to the dismissed staff, the new programs had aided the financial upturn of the company’s profits as well as its listenership.


Another of the 7 who protested was also dismissed when the station manager allegedly accepted an offer to sever, even though the date of severance was to be agreed upon mutually.

According to reports, following the action the staff members requested a meeting to negotiate for an improvement in working condition and a possible raise in salaries. The station manager allegedly refused to meet with the staff as a group and they subsequently decided to seek representation from the Antigua Trades Union. He also refused a meeting with the Union who was forced to take the matter before the Labour Department.  They too invited the managing director to meet last Monday but he allegedly did not show up for that meeting.

The letters were distributed to employees last Friday and took immediate effect.

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