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ZDK Employees on Go Slow

Tuesday 18th June, 2019-Employees at Grenville Radio Ltd owners of ZDK are back on the job a day after they walked out, but all is not well.

A source confirmed workers have returned, but they are on a go slow.

Majority of the line staff took action in the form of a sickout last Friday, alongside Station Manager, Carl Joseph, after months of unfulfilled promises of salary increases and better working conditions. But the issues according to the source are just the tip of the iceberg.

Employees are accusing the Managing Director of mismanaging company funds to the detriment of the staff. Reports are that employee benefits are not being paid on time, wages and salaries continue to be paid late and employees are working long hours without proper resources or compensation.


Today, the Central Board of Health inspected the radio station, since another major concern of employees is that the environment in which they work is unsuitable for them to execute their duties. Photos show exposed wires on the floor, leaks in various parts of the ceiling and electrical outlets that are exposed.

Several members of staff have allegedly been informed they will not be returning to work. As such passwords were changed, locking out administrative, accounts and sales persons from the systems. Additionally, employees who showed up for duty this morning had to receive clearance before entering the premises.

The workers are represented by the Antigua and Barbuda Free Trade Union.


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