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Works Minister Claims No Motive In Radio Comments

Wednesday 31st January, 2018 – A day after he was scolded for publicly discussing the circumstances under which he stepped aside as a candidate in the upcoming general election, the St. John’s Rural South Member of Parliament is claiming there was no motive behind his radio appearance on Monday evening.

The Hon. Eustace ‘Teco’ Lake during his telephone conversation on Observer Radio claimed he had no involvement in a letter that was penned announcing he was withdrawing as a candidate. His comments resulted in the Antigua and Barbuda General Secretary, Senator Mary-Clair Hurst, chastising him for diminishing the high standards the party has maintained.

The Works Minister is again speaking, this time saying there was nothing sinister about his radio conversation, adding that his perception was the discussion would have centered on his recent surgery.

Minister Lake was asked whether he still intends to run as an independent candidate, a pronouncement he has made publicly on several occasions. While he did not give a firm response, it appears the minister is concerned about his future and whether promises made to him will be kept.

The St. John’s Rural South M.P concedes if he runs as an independent candidate, it will negatively impact the chances of the ALBP retaining the seat. He claims that his utterances were because he was upset over the framing of the letter that detailed he will not contest the next general election.

ABLP General Secretary Mary-Clair Hurst on Tuesday revealed that the Gaston Browne administration has pledged to Minister Lake that once the party remains in government, he will not be left wanting.

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