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WIOC Assures Jet Fuel Leak Contained

Monday 29th April, 2019-West Indies Oil Company Ltd. is reassuring the general public that a jet fuel leak discovered on Sunday is contained.

WIOC says the leak was contained in the public drain and as a result, no product leaked onto private properties. The site of the leak was identified in the vicinity of Wenty’s Apartments and Toy Toy Restaurant in upper Fort Road.

The ruptured line that leads to the airport has since been repaired by the company’s maintenance and terminal staff, who undertook the requisite emergency procedures to mitigate the impact from the leak. The site remains excavated WIOC noted as they are currently working with other agencies to complete the operation and fully restore the roadway. They are projecting it will be completed by close of business on Wednesday May 1, 2019.

The drains around the leak site continue to be thoroughly flushed to remove any residue of the fuel WIOC assures. Motorists and residents are being urged to continue avoiding the area due to the ongoing operations.


WIOC stated it appreciates the support of the residents and business operators in the community and adjacent areas for their patience and understanding as they work to restore normalcy.

The company has expressed regret at the inconvenience and disruption the incident has caused and reaffirms their commitment to the highest standards of safety in their operations.



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