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Wendell Marshall Won’t Resign as Project Manager

Thursday 26th July, 2018 –The Project Manager for the Antigua Department of Marine Services and Merchant Shipping has declared that he has no intentions of resigning.

The weekly Post Cabinet Press Briefing notes outlined “Cabinet was informed that the construction manager has offered to resign, and the Board will accept that manager’s resignation.”

During this morning’s post Cabinet press briefing, government spokesperson, Minister Paul ‘Chet’ Greene said someone must be held accountable for the issues surrounding ADOMS.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has publicly expressed displeasure at the performance of Wendell Marshall in the construction of the ADOMS headquarters, which began in 2013. The head of government has called on himto resign.

But following reports that he has tendered his resignation, the ADOMS project manager sounded agitated when he told another media house that he had not written or sent any letter of resignation to the board of ADOMS.

Marshall declared that he does not bow to anyone and he does not know who would have informed the government that he did.

He added that the fact that they (government) tried to persecute him, he does not intend to resign and will consult with his attorney and issue a statement in the near future.



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