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Vampire Killer Committed to Stand Trial

Friday 8th February, 2019-Delano Forbes was committed this week to stand trial in the High Court for the murder of two men.

Described as the ‘Vampire Killer’, Forbes will be tried during the May 2019 Criminal Assizes, for allegedly murdering Shawn Henry of the Point and Lisue Williams of All Saints Road.

In total, Delano Forbes faces four murder charges, but will only be tried for two of those matters at this stage.

In addition to Shawn Henry and Lisue Williams, Wilfred ‘Bongo’ James and Morrison Thomas were also his victims.


Forbes escaped police custody in February, 2018 after he was being transported to a crime scene in Swetes Village. A reward was subsequently offered by law enforcement for his capture.  On March 9th, 2018, he was captured without incident in the Follies area. While on the run, it is alleged he murdered his last victim, Morrison Thomas, a retired postal worker.

Allegations are Delano Forbes drank the blood of his victims after murdering them.

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