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UPP Unveils Pillars of Governance At Campaign Launch

Monday 5th March, 2018 – The United Progressive Party unveiled its candidates and officially launched its campaign Sunday evening during a  rally at the Rising Star Grounds.

In a statement, the party outlined that its leader the Harold Lovell’s core message centered on the UPP’s transformative strategy to position Antigua and Barbuda along a path of HOPE, by strengthening the economy, creating thousands of jobs and greatly reducing the cost of living, which has skyrocketed over the past 3 years.

The Party used the event to roll out TALENTS, its policy platform that represents a new approach to managing the economy by focusing on 7 key pillars of governance. As part of the UPP’s National Development Agenda to create JOBS, TALENTS is strategically positioned to stimulate Antigua and Barbuda’s stagnated economy.  It will create jobs and economic incentives for businesses, by revamping many failed social programs and reducing the cost of living, thereby leaving more money in the pockets of the people.

Among the measures that were announced at the UPP’s rally:

  • A reduction of 50% in annual vehicle licenses and the elimination of Radio Fees.
  • Immediately remove ALL taxes on prescription reading glasses and spectacles.
  • The removal of ALL taxes on Funeral Expenses.
  • A 50% reduction on water rates for all CMC-certified Farmers, along with reduced electricity and Internet costs.
  • The expansion of the current basket of goods under price control.
  • Reduce ALL ENERGY PRICES within TWO WEEKS: gasoline to $10 per gallon, diesel to $9.90 per gallon, 25% reduction in APUA fuel variation and permanently peg energy prices to world oil prices.
  • IMMEDIATELY remove the ABST on all cell phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers for private use.

Commenting on the UPP’s measures, the ABLP political leader, Prime Minister Gaston Browne said what the opposition party is promising; his government will actually implement them.

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