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Underground Utility Cables Costing Pretty Penny

by Pointe FM'S Editor
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Monday 10th September, 2018-Government has revealed it is costing the National Housing Company six times more to place utility cables underground at the new housing projects than it is to plant lamp posts and have overhead wires.

It is one of the challenges being experienced as officials race to complete at least 87 houses at Paynters in time for Christmas 2018.

Despite the huge bill associated with the work, Cabinet spokesperson Melford Nicholas says for the government, there is no moving away from the commitment.

Over at Denfields, it was stated that the first phase of the project is close to completion and foundations have been implanted for all 150 homes. But the topography of the land has caused a rethinking of the sewage system to be utilized. Each house is to be equipped with its own septic tank.



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