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Two teenagers set a good example

The Antigua and Barbuda Humane Society has joined dog owner, Euwen Vigo, in  commending two teenagers whose swift and responsible action resulted in the rescue and return to safety of Vigo’s dog, Snow. Snow was startled by the sound of thunder and left the safety of his yard ending up in the Pigott’s playing field. Shamaine Morris and Dexter George, both students at Sir Novelle Richards Academy, saw the dog, noticed he was wearing a dog licence tag and called the number on the tag.

The Humane Society was able to identify the owner by searching the dog registration database for the contact information. “This is how the dog registration system is supposed to work. When dogs are microchipped and licensed, their ownership can be traced and when they are lost it is a simple step to return them to their owner. In this case, because Snow was wearing his dog tag, as required by law, there was no need to bring him in and scan for the microchip. His owner was able to be identified by means of the license number on the tag,” said a  statement from the Humane Society.

The Humane Society commended Euwen Vigo for following the law and registering his dog and Shamaine and Dexter for their kind and responsible action. The Humane Society said
in a statement that it hopes all dog owners will take note of this story and ensure their dogs are registered.

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