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Transport Board Building to Temporarily House Magistrates’ Court

Thursday 10th January, 2019-There are reports that the St. John’s Magistrates’ Court will be temporarily housed in part of the Transport Board building in Herberts while repair work is carried out on the High and Temple Streets building.

Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh was reportedly expected to inspect the space during a walk through today. It was revealed that certain legal issues would have to first be addressed before the court is relocated to Herberts, since, by law; the court has to sit in the district it serves.

The space under consideration will be able to house the administrative office, cashiers posts and two courtrooms.

Repair work on the roof and other parts of the St. John’s Magistrates’ Court is expected to begin shortly. A walk through with officials from the Works Ministry was expected today, to ascertain the scale of work to be undertaken.


There have reportedly been other attempts to relocate the court to a location in the city, but those efforts proved futile. Sources say either the buildings that were identified were unsuitable or the rents are too high.

St. John’s Magistrates’ Court has been operating on a half-day basis because of conditions there that have become unbearable for employees.

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