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Trafficking In Persons Report Launched

Wednesday 16th May, 2018 –The Trafficking in Persons (Prevention) Committee made history on Tuesday evening with the official public launch of the 2017 Annual Trafficking in Persons (Prevention) Report during an event at the Tradewinds Hotel. This is the first time the official document is being made available to the public.

The 2017 Report outlines the aims and structure of the Trafficking in Persons (Prevention) Committee and the two associated task forces in addition to the operations process, investigations, intelligence support and trends, and protection and prosecution. It also gives an overview of the activities of the Education Task Force and the Cases undertaken by the Task Force during the year under review.

Senator Maureen Hyman delivering brief remarks congratulated chairperson of the Trafficking in Persons (Prevention) Committee, Mrs. Stacey Gregg-Paige, Committee Members and members of the Education and Cases Task Forces for a job well done in 2017. She also commended the team on making the report public, adding that it demonstrates the hard work and tenacity of the members of the Committee and associated Task Forces. Senator Hyman encouraged committee members that while they may face challenges, they must continue to educate the public and fight for the rights of victims.

The 2017 Report will be made available on the Government of Antigua and Barbuda website as well as the social media page of the Trafficking in Persons (Prevention) Committee.


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