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Timeline By Union Not The Best Action

Thursday 12th April, 2018 –It is unclear whether demands being made by the Antigua and Barbuda Public Service Association will be met as government has highlighted the financial strain they will be under  to pay what is being requested.

Government’s offer of a month tax free salary that will erase all commitments of back pay has been rejected by the ABPSA who are describing it as inadequate for their members.

Recently, the union that represents public sector workers have made known they are seeking three months of back pay, half of which they are expecting by Labour Day next month.

Asked whether government will honour the timeline set by the union, Cabinet Spokesperson Melford Nicholas said a timeline may not be the ideal way to go.

While he acknowledges the concerns of the union, Minister Nicholas noted that there are other obligations that are equally important.

The information minister says it may require a period of time in which the obligations can be liquidated.


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