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Taxi Association Welcomes New Regulations

Friday 26th October, 2018-Members of the St. John’s Taxi Association were addressed at a recent meeting by tourism officials on the new regulations for taxi operations in Heritage Quay, ahead of the upcoming cruise tourism season.

Officials from the Ministry of Tourism and Investment, the Antigua Pier Group and the St. John’s Development Corporation made presentations at the taxi association’s general meeting on Thursday.

The members have welcomed the proposed changes as it will allow the body to overcome challenges of parking and other issues that have hindered them from effectively plying their trade.

The main focus of the general meeting was to sensitize the members of the St. John’s Taxi Association of the upcoming changes and the plans for regularization of all taxi operations in Heritage Quay in an effort to curb the harassment of visitors.

Annette Michael of the tourism Hospitality and Auxiliary services stated, that during the engagement, the members of the St. John’s Taxi Association who are the only taxi operators sanctioned to operate within Heritage Quay, welcomed the new regulations as they are often affected by persons from other associations plying their trade in the Quay.

Ms. Michael said suggestions were made by the taxi association members, to the ministry officials, which included Hon. Charles Fernandez, Minister of Tourism and Investment and Permanent Secretary, Mr. Walter Christopher, to expand the cruise tourism season into the summer months to attract more cruise ships to the island.

Minister Fernandez stated that upon completion of the new pier, Oasis class ships will be attracted to the island and there will be some expansion of cruise tourism season.

While the focus is currently on taxi operations within Heritage Quay, new regulations will also be stipulated for operations at the Nevis Street Pier and Redcliffe Quay area.

The Ministry of Tourism officials reiterated that Heritage Quay will see increased policing to ensure that the new rules and regulations are being followed in the ministry’s effort to continually improve the visitor experience of cruise passengers.


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