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Swindlers Using GG’s Name to Defraud Citizens

Tuesday, 13th February, 2018 – Government House has issued a warning to persons at home and abroad of not to acknowledge requests for financial contributions in the name of the Governor General, Sir Rodney Williams.

In a statement today (Tuesday), the Office of the Governor General outlined it has received a number of reports from residents of Antigua and Barbuda who have been defrauded of hundreds of U.S dollars by a person or persons  purporting to be ‘Rodney Williams or the Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda’ on Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

The fake Facebook site features at least one photo of the Governor General and Lady Williams according to the statement.

Regrettably, requests for the anticipated benefits from the monies required to be sent by unsuspecting persons to the perpetrators, are unlikely to be honoured.

Government House says persons should refrain from sending money to anyone purporting to be the Governor General, unless such requests are confirmed by the Office of the Governor General.

Since the passage of the destructive hurricanes in September last year, Government House says it has received a significant number of reports from individuals that they have received messages via social media channels including Instagram (rodneywilliams01) and Messenger/Facebook (Rodney Williams) which are inconsistent with the work of the Office of the Governor General. The messages include offers to provide grant funding on behalf of the Government and or/the United Nations.

The Office of the Governor General wishes to advise that the social media sites are NOT authorized.

The valid Facebook Page for the Governor General is ‘Governor-General Antigua Barbuda’.


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