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Supreme Court Pays Tribute to Ephraim Georges

Tuesday 3rd April, 2018 – The Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court has paid tribute to the life and work of late High Court Justice Ephraim Georges.

In a tribute, Chief Justice, Dame Janice Periera wrote that “Justice Georges’ legal career as an eminent jurist and a distinguished judge can be characterized as one that was a commitment to ideals and dedication to purpose and service. He embodied and epitomized the ECSC; what it symbolized for all citizens of the Eastern Caribbean.  She added that his good sense of humor was proverbial in our Courts. He was always polite to counsel, even those with whom he strongly disagreed. He was a good companion to the other judges, enlivening each meeting with humor and wittiness. He was zealous for justice, and ensured the evenhanded application of the law.”

She pointed out that “judgments were uniformly scholarly, meticulously researched and carefully reasoned. His decisions demonstrated that he protected the constitutional rights of any person or group,; that, as prescribed by Scriptures and the Constitution, he preferred neither the rich nor the poor, but rather accorded to all equal justice; and as such he never sought to enlarge the judicial power beyond its proper bounds, nor did he fear to carry it to the fullest extent that duty required.”

The late Justice Georges Justice Georges is being described as a fair and fearless judge who will be remembered by the people of the OECS region as a jurist who always gave of himself completely to ensure that the rule of law was fairly applied and that all citizens benefited from his passion in administering justice.

A funeral service will be held tomorrow at Holy Family Cathedral for Justice Georges.

He died in March at the age of 82 years.

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