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Support Needed to Improve Social Development

Monday 5th February, 2018 – An appeal has been made for non-governmental organizations to partner with the Ministry of Social Transformation as it seeks to improve social development in Antigua and Barbuda.

The appeal comes from Government Minister Samantha Marshall during debate of the 2018 Budget last Friday.  She told the House of Representatives the government is seeking assistance to reach as many persons as possible who are in need of attention, making specific reference to the abandonment of ailing senior citizens.

Minister Marshall says her ministry is undergoing changes that will place them in a better position to deal with the nation’s social issues. The Citizens’ Welfare Division has a name change; it is now known as the Family and Social Services Division, headed by Director Alethea Byers.

The Boys Training School now falls under that division and according to the social transformation minister; greater emphasis will be placed on creating a new image for the institution.

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