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Students Expelled for Choking Fellow Pupil

Thursday 6th June, 2019-The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology today expelled two secondary school students who played a role in another pupil being choked.

Described as an act of bullying, the video that went viral last week showed one student placing the cord from an electrical fan around another young man’s neck, as others nearby cheer on the perpetrator.

The video, which sparked outrage among those who viewed it, resulted in the school producing an incident report to the Ministry of Education, where a hearing, chaired by Director of Education Clare Browne, was held this morning with the students implicated in the incident and their parents.

Investigations continue into the incident which played out in a classroom to identify the others that were in the same space at the time it was occurring. There is a promise that they too will be held accountable for their actions, though the end result may not necessarily be expulsion.

Mr. Browne today reiterated the Ministry of Education’s zero tolerance position in cases of bullying.


As for the victim who endured the actions of his schoolmate, the ministry is providing assistance.

The director of education highlighted the work they have done in seeking to stamp out anti-social behavior among students, adding they intend to continue in that vein.

Director of Education, Clare Browne.

The students are expected to meet with law enforcement officers on Friday.


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