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Stiffer Penalties Coming For Littering

Friday 18th May, 2018 –Proposed amendments to the current Litter Act will result in stiffer penalties for persons caught in illegal dumping.

The revelation was made by Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment the Hon. Molwyn Joseph as he announced a major clean-up campaign across Antigua and Barbuda.

Though a time was not given when the bill will be tabled in Parliament, the Environment Minister speaking at a press conference today said a series of consultations will be held to update the public of the intended action.

Minister Joseph noted Antigua and Barbuda is our home and people must be held responsible for improper waste disposal.

The major clean-up campaign is to be undertaken shortly and will target bulk waste, derelict vehicles and litter picking.

The clean up schedule is expected to be placed in the media for citizens and residents to be aware of when workers will be in the various areas.

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