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Steps Taken for Drafting of Fire Code

Tuesday 5th February, 2019-The Fire Brigade submitted a document today detailing the requirements for establishing a Fire Code in Antigua and Barbuda.

Fire Chief Elvis Weaver and other high-ranking fire officers met with the Attorney General and the Ministry of Legal Affairs’ legislative draft team and presented the document.

Minister of Legal Affairs, Attorney General the Hon. Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin assigned his draft team to work along with the Fire Department and also the Development Control Authority on the project.

Fire Chief Elvis Weaver explained that the Fire Code would give the Fire Department some level of authority in ensuring that houses and business places are built with the relevant fire protection specified by law.


In over 40 years, the Fire Brigade has been requesting a Fire Code for Antigua, according to statement from the Ministry of Legal Affairs. The Minister remarked that his government will address the problem now and bring Antigua and Barbuda in line with developed countries in adopting a Fire Code.

Minister Benjamin took the opportunity to inform the Fire Chief that the cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda recently approved the purchase of three new fire tenders. He said they will be much needed additions to firefighters in the execution of their duties.

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