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Standards Committee Reviews Police Report on Prisoner Escape

Tuesday 20th February, 2018 – The Attorney General and Minister of National Security has confirmed he is in receipt of the report prepared by the police in the matter involving escaped prisoner Delano Forbes.

Tuesday marked eight days that Forbes fled from detectives who took him to Swetes Village, as they continued investigations into the murders he is accused of. The incident prompted the Hon. Steadroy Benjamin to order the compilation of a report on the circumstances that led to Forbes’ escape.

Though he did not reveal what is contained in the prepared document, in an exclusive interview with POINTE FM’s Nightly News, the national security minister said the report was submitted to him and having perused it, he is dissatisfied with its contents. However, a Standards Committee will now decide what actions are to be taken.

Minister Steadroy Benjamin says recommendations will be made by the Standards Committee to the Commissioner of Police, but he has already hinted if he is displeased with the recommendations, he will take direct action.

The Attorney General and Minister of National Security has described the incident as an embarrassing situation for the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.

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