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Sporting Complex To Be Named After Former Prime Minister

Thursday 19th April, 2018-The sporting complex at Knuckle Block in the Grays/Green community will bear the name of former Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer when construction work is completed.

Mr. Spencer, who has retired from active politics, represented St. John’s Rural West for close to three decades.

Cabinet took the decision this week, revealing that a monument to the former prime minister is warranted. Speaking at Thursday’s Post-Cabinet press briefing, Minister Daryl Matthew acknowledged that the complex is the brainchild of the retired politician.

The sports complex is being constructed through a grant from the Chinese Government.

The nearby King George the V Grounds will receive a name change. Cabinet Spokesperson Minister Daryl Matthew told reporters today that the green space used for sporting and other activities will now be named after a long-time resident of the Grays/Green community, Keithly ‘K.S’ Shepherd.

POINTE FM spoke to Grays/Green resident and politician Anthony Stuart, who is familiar with Mr. Shepherd. He welcomes the honour being given to the former athlete, but believes the entire square should be named after him.

Grays/Green resident and politician, Anthony Stuart.

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