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Spectacles No Longer Attract ABST

Thursday 8th March, 2018 –Taxes normally applied to the purchasing of eye glasses have been removed.

This followed an announcement made by Prime Minister Gaston Browne when he spoke to reporters after his nomination on Monday.

This is what he said in part.

The prime minister did table the proposals at this week’s Cabinet meeting and the decision was taken to remove the ABST associated with the purchase of eyeglasses. No ABST will be applied to the service or to the purchasing of the actual eyeglasses.

Prime Minister Browne says many of what is being proposed by the Opposition United Progressive Party to bring relief to citizens and residents, his party will introduce. He noted though that with certain proposals, the government will proceed cautiously.

Another decision taken at Wednesday’s Cabinet Meeting was the removal of latrines throughout the country.

Cabinet says all non-flush, outdoor toilets will be removed and a programme similar to the replacement of the night soil system will be employed.

It is unclear when the programme to remove the latrines will begin.

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