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Sir Dwight Venner To Be Featured on Fifty Dollar Note

Thursday 6th September, 2018 –The late Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Governor Sir K. Dwight Venner will be memorialized on the $ 50 E.C note, when the bank releases its new look notes in 2019.

Sir Dwight who served as Governor for 26 years passed away in 2016.

Trevor Braithwaite, the ECCB’s Deputy Governor speaks on the decision to place an image of Sir Dwight Venner on the $ 50 note.

The material currently used in the production of the E.C dollar notes will be changed, making for a more durable currency.

According to the Central Bank, other features will include the notes being lateral instead of horizontal. This means when viewing a note, one will look from the top to the bottom lengthwise. Security features will also be enhanced to include a holographic window on the 20, 50 and 100 dollar notes, making it difficult to replicate. The holographic window will also appear on the $5 and $10 notes on a smaller scale.

For the new look notes, the visually impaired have been taken into consideration.

The $50 and $100 new look notes will be put into circulation first by mid 2019.

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