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Serbian Visa Exemptions for Nationals

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Friday 9th November, 2018-The Antigua and Barbuda Embassy in Washington, DC, has announced that the Republic of Serbia decided on October 25th to exempt nationals of Antigua and Barbuda from visa requirements.

Antigua and Barbuda’s Ambassador, Sir Ronald Sanders, revealed that the Serbian government’s decision was formally communicated to him by the Serbian Embassy in Washington.

Ambassador Sanders and his counterpart, Ambassador Djerdj Matkovic of Serbia, had been negotiating the exemption over the last nine months.  It was then orally agreed by the two countries’ Foreign Ministers E. Paul Chet Greene and Ivica Dacic during the UN General Assembly last September.

The Serbian Embassy advised that “the Government of the Republic of Serbia at its session on October 25th, 2018 adopted the Decision on visa exemption for nationals of Antigua and Barbuda.”

The decision was published in the “Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia” on October 26th, 20I8 and entered into force on the same day.

In welcoming the decision of the Serbian Government, Ambassador Sanders noted that Antigua and Barbuda now ties with St Kitts-Nevis in third place in the ranking of the strongest Caribbean passports, giving access to 151 countries and territories world-wide.


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