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Senate Approves MSJMC Amendment Bill

Wednesday 9th May, 2018 –Opposition Senator Shawn Nicholas is calling for consultation between government and the representatives of healthcare workers who were seconded to Mount St. John’s Medical Centre from Holberton Hospital.

The Upper House today debated and subsequently approved the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre (Amendment) Bill 2018.

The bill seeks to bring an end to the secondment of public officers to the employment of the board and to complete the transition of MSJMC to a state of the art public hospital under the management of the board.

Senator Nicholas contends that a lack of consultation led to the workers taking protest action.

But Leader of Government Business, Senator Mary-Claire Hurst says it is baffling that despite the government having the interest of the healthcare workers at heart, the agitation continues.

Health Minister Molwyn Joseph said recently the misinterpretation of the amendments may have stemmed from the language in which they were written, which ultimately caused anxiety among a cross section of the hospital staff.

Though the government’s intention was made clear, Senator Hurst questioned the motives of some who are bent on making an issue of the matter.

Leader of Government Business in the Upper House of Parliament, Senator Mary-Clair Hurst.

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