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Schools’ inspection almost complete

The inspection of school plants across Antigua and Barbuda to ensure that they adhere to the health protocols established by both the Ministries of Health and Education will conclude this week.

That is the word from the Chief Health Inspector, Sharon Martin, who is reporting that some eighty-five per cent of all schools in the country have been inspected by her department. The remaining schools – mainly preschools and daycare facilities will be completed during this week. The inspection exercise covers private and public secondary, primary and preschools operating in the country.

“A few of the daycare centres will not open until this week so we will use the opportunity to check them. Our inspectors are looking to ensure that handwashing stations are functional, that hand sanitiser dispensers are mounted and contain the solution as well as pay spot visits to schools to ensure that students and teachers are not only wearing face masks, but wearing them properly,” she stated.

The health inspectors will also examine the schools to see that they are kept in good hygienic conditions; that is, schools must not have dust particles visible to the eye, the floors and walls must be clean and waste must be stored in receptacles. The health inspectors will ask teachers to separate left over food from other waste and to dispose of the unwanted food separately.

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