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RSS Holds Leadership Training in Antigua

Monday 13th May, 2019-The Regional Security System (RSS) is completing yet another of its Staff and Command, leadership-training courses for soldiers and police from across seven of the eight-member institution.

The 8-week course is being held at the former Air Base at Coolidge; where twenty-eight professionals, three females and twenty-five males at the rank of Superintendent and above, at an average age of 45 years, are being trained and tested by lecturers from the region.

A statement from the Office of the Prime Minister outlined one of the lecturers conducting the training is Superintendent Kamecia Blake-Byam of the Royal Police Force of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Six years ago, at age 24, the Forensic Psychologist was the youngest person ever to reach the rank of Superintendent in any country in the OECS. She is stationed at the RSS Headquarters in Barbados, and lectures on modernizing police forces and the technologies which can successfully be brought to policing in the region.

The Staff and Command course being taught in Antigua is funded by the European Union, which has provided funds for 15 RSS courses since January 2018 to present.


The RSS was founded in 1983, as one of the institutions of the OECS. It responds to the security needs of the treaty-states whenever a threat to security is signaled by one of its governments.

Antigua and Barbuda has received assistance from the organization, in the aftermath of Hurricane Luis; and has provided assistance to states upon their request.


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