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Royal Police Force Warns Against Impersonation

by Pointe FM'S Editor
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Thursday 14th June, 2018-The Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda is warning the public against impersonating police officers.

The warning comes a day after reports surfaced that the mother of a police officer was almost kidnapped by two men who were dressed and passed themselves off as law enforcement officials.

Today, the Communications Department of the Royal Police Force described the incident as “unfortunate, when unscrupulous persons decide to impersonate Officers as this action contradicts every function of good policing.” “This is an act that the Police Administration strongly condemns.” The statement continued, “It is therefore imperative that members of the public be reminded that there are laws against impersonating police officers.”

The Police Administration is therefore taking this opportunity to:

  • Advise the public to be mindful of your surrounding while paying keen attention to details.
  • Reassure the general public of our un- wavered support in providing efficient and effective policing in our continued efforts to serve and protect the citizens and residents of Antigua and Barbuda.


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