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Rough Seas Affect Reverse Osmosis Plant

Thursday 29th April, 2018 – APUA says issues with its Ffryes Reverse Osmosis Plant are the reasons behind residents in the south of the island  not receiving potable water.

Now they are working feverishly to restore the scarce commodity to the homes of consumers.

The minister with responsibility for APUA, Sir Robin Yearwood says the Reverse Osmosis Plant has sucked in sand, marine vegetation and other debris as a result of rough seas.

Now that the sea is expected to calm, storage tanks are being cleaned and the plant is currently producing almost half of its maximum capacity.

APUA says it has purchased approximately $ 100,000 in pipes to extend the suck-up system, so that turbid waters will not affect the operations of the plant in the future.

The Ffryes Reverse Osmosis Plant produces 625,000 gallons of water on a daily basis.

Earlier this week, residents of Jolly Harbour lamented they have been without potable water for several months, leaving them to pay for water to be trucked in.

The situation led to Jolly Harbour residents appealing for permission to operate their own Reserve Osmosis Plant. Their request was considered and has received approval from Antigua Public Utilities Authority.

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